Christian René Legère - Digital Product Owner

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I am a customer experience driven Product Owner for HSBC's Online Banking platform, with strong analytical skills and a desire to execute digital projects from their conceptualisation to go-live. Experienced in SAFe Agile and data driven to deliver the best solution for customers and the business. For me, building a strong team of digital experts and talented developers is the top priority to ensure quality delivery, on time and budget.

Key skills:

  • Over 12 years of web development experience
  • Over 10 years experience in retail digital banking
  • User experience design and testing
  • Strong senior stakeholder management skills
  • Excellent understanding of financial regulations and compliance (including FATCA and CRS)
  • Financial analytical skills
  • Team building and coaching
  • Pragmatic problem solving
  • Data analysis to optimise processes

Work History & Achievements

Global Product Owner, Asia Pacific - HSBC Group, Hong Kong

January 2017 - now

Summary: Transitioning into a Product Owner role gave me the opportunity to take direct control of the user experience over our digital platform, driving its implementation across key strategic markets globally and the ability to improve the platform in an agile way.

Key challenges:

  • Design and implement a strategic global roadmap for HSBC's Online Banking
  • Manage value and goals driven Product Backlog with key digital businesses.
  • Focus on performance based, ease of use, task focused, data driven and operationally efficient experiences.
  • Balance global platform requirements with local market requirements.
  • Advise regional entities on how to invest their budgets in digital to achieve their local goals.
  • Improve the customer experience in markets with unsatisfactory customer scores.
  • Transition teams from a waterfall methodology to SAFe Agile and DevOps; build a way-of-working that suits the digital business and its goals


  • Successful Pilot launch of the new platform to HSBC India
  • Newly formed development team in Pune, India, operating in SAFe Agile.
  • Established cross-functional operations between the UK, India and the key Asian markets.
  • Proven reusability of API based epics across markets in Asia to reduce time-to-market and costs.
  • Established a new customer-centric way of building and testing customer experiences across a number of journeys including FX, International Payments and servicing features.

Senior Digital Market Development Manager, Asia Pacific - HSBC Hong Kong

October 2014 - December 2016

Summary: Supporting HSBC's Asia-Pacific regional countries on their digital sales and technology initiatives by helping to establish and manage meaningful customer metrics, and gaining valuable customer insights through data analysis.

Key challenges:

  • Formulating consistent metrics that can be applied across the region, and group.
  • Accessing data for the purpose of generating ad-hoc and recurring Management Information.
  • Inability to effectively cross-sell to existing customer base through digital channels.
  • Fine tuning existing fulfilment process to increase conversion rates.
  • Establishing a customer-needs driven culture that uses data insights to drive technology.


  • Successfully managed the roll out of HSBC's latest digital banking platform in China.
  • Together with HSBC Group, 8 key metrics have been established and are being tracked on a regular basis.
  • Using internal big-data systems, a standard and consistent monthly channel report was established across the region, tracking previously unavailable customer channel information .
  • Value Added Messaging through a new opperations model has been established in key Asia-Pacific countries as a pilot phase to enhance cross-sell and servicing.
  • Countries received support and guidance on implementing analytics based journey optimisation.
  • HSBC Singapore successfully improved their online Credit Cards conversion (14% increase) by implementing journey analytics and customer research to enhance leads generation.

Short Term Assignment - HSBC Indonesia, Jakarta

November 2013 - February 2014

Summary: The assignment is to collaborate with HSBC Indonesia's new Digital team on a range of projects, provide training and support on the channel management side, and to establish new customer experience initiatives to help increase channel penetration and cross-selling through Internet and Mobile Banking.

Key challenges:

  • Continuing Transaction Data Signing roll-out.
  • Accessing data for the purpose of generating ad-hoc and recurring Management Information.
  • Documenting processes and critical tasks of the department for continuity management and staff training.
  • Retrieving or establishing systems access to ensure full control and ownership over the digital channels.
  • Ensuring collaboration between important stakeholders for the purpose of keeping digital at top-of-mind for all staff.
  • Customer experience analysis and management of complaints and feedback.
  • Inability to effectively cross-sell to existing customer base through digital channels.
  • Fine tuning existing fulfilment process to increase conversion rates.


  • Successfully resumed the Transaction Data Signing project and set targets for completion.
  • Introduced access to key MI systems and assisted in creating reports and dashboards for weekly and monthly MI, and ad-hoc reports.
  • Trained staff on documenting processes for the purpose of business continuity and staff cross-training.
  • Guided the team through setting up profiles and access to various support and management systems.
  • Worked with the Digital team head and key stakeholders to create action plans for the ongoing development of initiatives to drive sales and channel activity.
  • Implementing customer experience changes to Internet Banking.
  • Establishing customer segmentation tools for cross-selling and targeted marketing.

Senior Digital Propositions Manager - HSBC Australia

March 2012 - October 2014

Summary: Drive customer acquisition and usage for HSBC's digital channels, including Mobile Banking. Strategically manage the ongoing development of business, marketing and technology initiatives to continuously enhance the customer experience and revenue generation.

Key challenges:

  • Deploy customer experience initiatives based on feedback and usability analysis
  • Manage projects and create detailed requirements
  • Handle multiple projects and everyday activities at a time
  • Drive customer registrations and activity
  • Focus on increasing Mobile Banking penetration
  • Develop effective marketing activities to drive business targets
  • Achieve as many enhancements as possible through in-house solutions with limited resources or budget
  • Pilot projects and create best-practice solutions for regional and group entities
  • Manage business targets with limited budget and marketing support


  • Addressed major customer complaint by implementing Internet/Mobile Banking "Lite" for more convenient access, eliminated complaints
  • Analysis and rewording of error message reduced customer mistakes and complaints by 90%
  • Successfully upgraded to the new Online Security Device for all Personal Internet Banking customers
  • Effective communication with the branch network increased uptake of e-Statements from 48% to over 65% when registering for Internet Banking
  • In-house Internet Banking campaign space redesign increased Term Deposit uptake by 400%, E-Statement uptake by 100% month on month, since launch 49% of the banks total Term Deposits now come from Internet Banking; No budget spent on redesign
  • In the absence of marketing budget, used cost-effective/free channels to communicate marketing and service messages to customers
  • Implemented Android Mobile Banking app, major driver for Mobile Banking
  • Introduced HTML capabilities to Internet Banking messages without upgrading the core system, used budget of a concurrent project
  • Met and exceeded year on year revenue targets by up to 18.5%

Channel Manager, Personal Internet Banking - HSBC Australia

May 2010 - March 2012

Summary: Manage Personal and Mobile Internet Banking and its day to day activities to drive customer activity, uptake in e-Statements, increase in NFI and cross-sell opportunities.

Key challenges:

  • Drive customer registrations and activity
  • Reduce paper statements by introducing E-Statements
  • Increase Non-Fund Income (NFI) and migrate customer transactions from other channels
  • Create a cross-sell strategy for existing customers through Internet Banking
  • Deploy customer experience and regulatory projects
  • Manage projects alongside business tasks
  • Introduce Mobile Internet Banking
  • Achieve as many enhancements as possible through in-house solutions or on a strict budget


  • Achieved one of the highest registration % per customer base in the HSBC Asia Pacific region, with 68% registered customers
  • Exceeded 5 year target e-Statement registration after 12 months since launch
  • NFI targets exceeded by 13%
  • New customer "straight through applications" for select products made up 30% of all bank-wide sales in 2011 (launched Feb, 2011)
  • Real-time 24/5 FX transaction capabilities introduced, increase of 30% in FX transactions. First retail bank in HSBC Asia Pacific and amongst our local competitors to offer this functionality
  • Australia piloted the first Mobile Banking launch for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone in HSBC Asia Pacific; First to launch International Money Transfers on a smartphone in Australia;

Webmaster - HSBC Australia

March 2007 - May 2010

Summary: Maintain and update the website and comply with regulatory and best practice guidelines. Build sales campaigns and informative customer content to facilitate sales and service enquiries.

Key challenges:

  • Ensure the website is up-to-date and accurate
  • Comply with W3C standards and best practice guidelines
  • Implement campaign landing pages supporting marketing materials on time
  • Improve the online customer journey to increase conversion of applications and leads
  • Consult with internal stakeholders on online business needs and create action plans


  • Achieved a SiteRay score of 9.3, best in HSBC Group
  • Reduction of errors from 50% to 10% for HSBC's online Credit Card application through layout customer experience improvements
  • Completed 100% of online campaigns and initiatives on time
  • Designed in-house customer online demos for Internet Banking which eliminated costly agency development (in excess of $100k)
  • HSBC Credit Card rewards website revamp provided data-base like features through a client-side solution to eliminate manual page updating through the CMS

Web Designer / Customer Relationship Manager - ReNet Pty Ltd Australia

May 2005 - March 2007

Key challenges:

  • Design and develop websites, website templates and training material for Real Estate agents actively using ReNet's online software
  • Train and assist customers with the online product, collected feedback and presented back to management and developers
  • Manage the business relationship between and ReNet, manage Real Estate customers, and cross sell our online software
  • Travel to conduct training and relationship building with RM's, generate leads for sales team to follow up
  • Liaise with customers and gather feedback to pass to developers – work with the CEO to evolve our online product
  • In the time I worked at ReNet I successfully managed and looked after over 300 ReNet and clients


Bachelor of Multimedia

(Major in Interactive Design, 2002 - 2005);
Southern Cross University, NSW

High School Diploma

Bonneville High School, Year 10-12 (2000 - 2002);
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Realschule Freyung

(Secondary School Freyung, 1997 - 2000);
Freyung, Bavaria, Germany


Australian Citizenship
German/EU Citizenship

Native in German
Native in English
Learning Icelandic
Learning Indonesian


Customer Experience / UX design
Learning Languages
Health & Fitness